Uluwatu Temple - The History

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple Bali: A Marvelous Creation of Balinese Architecture

Uluwatu Temple, also known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, is a Balinese Hindu temple located in the south of Bali. It is perched on a cliff, 70 meters above the Indian Ocean, and is considered one of the six most important temples in Bali.

The temple was built in the 11th century during the reign of the legendary Majapahit Empire, but most of the current structures were constructed during the 16th century under the supervision of Dang Hyang Nirartha, a revered Hindu priest and traveler who brought Hinduism to Bali.

The temple is dedicated to the supreme god of Indonesian Hinduism, Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, as well as to the spirits of the sea and the sky. The temple's architecture is a remarkable example of Balinese architecture, with its distinctive split gates, intricately carved walls, and moss-covered stones.

Visitors to Uluwatu Temple are required to wear a sarong and sash to cover their legs as a sign of respect. As with all Balinese temples, the temple's rules are strictly enforced. The temple is also home to many mischievous monkeys that are known for snatching visitors' belongings, so it's essential to be cautious when visiting.

One of the highlights of Uluwatu Temple is its stunning location on a steep cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views and witness the stunning sunsets that paint the sky in a rainbow of colors. It is a particularly popular spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Another attraction of Uluwatu Temple is the Kecak Dance, a traditional Balinese dance that is performed at the temple every evening. The dance is based on the ancient Hindu story of Ramayana and is accompanied by the sound of chanting and fire torches. Visitors can enjoy the dance while taking in the stunning views of the temple and the ocean below.

Uluwatu Temple is not only a spiritual destination but also a popular tourist attraction. It receives thousands of visitors every year, making it one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bali. The temple's location and unique architecture make it a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Bali.

Uluwatu Temple is a marvelous creation of Balinese architecture and a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Bali. Its stunning location on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, along with the Kecak Dance performances, make it an unforgettable experience. Visitors should take note of the temple's strict rules and be mindful of the mischievous monkeys when visiting.

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